About IoT Automation

IoT Automation is an Australian-born designer, deployer and supporter of technology solutions for the mining industry. Our headquarters is on the Gold Coast, but our reach is global. We have offices in Mongolia and Indonesia giving us not only valuable local knowledge, but also vital international perspectives on what is arguably the world's backbone industry.

Our adept and nimble team of experts has created a software-controlled smart lighting system that enables safer evacuations and emergency responses in underground mines. Supported by leading Australian engineers, IoT Automation delivers local expertise to several regional mining sectors via our expertise deploying Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Specialising in wireless sensor networks, it is our mission to create and deploy the next best technologies the mining industry has been waiting for.


Robin Paine - Managing Director & Co-founder

Robin brings more than 20 years' technical experience in electronics and telecommunications to his role. For the past 10 years, Rob has work in various management positions and senior technical roles within the mining technology sector. You would be hard pressed to find someone who knows the technical, managerial and safety aspects of mining technology better than Rob.

Greg James - Engineering Manager & Co-founder

A company like IoT Automation wouldn't get very far without a bona fide engineering expert in its corner. Greg has a Bachelor of Engineering, specialising in Electronics Engineering, from the University of New South Wales and has since led software and hardware development teams for several multinational companies. Throughout his career, Greg has been instrumental to creating, patenting and bringing to market multiple leading-edge products, including IoT Automation's signature product the Firefly Lighting System.