Firefly LED Lighting Module

The Firefly LED Lighting Module is a rugged, fit for purpose and intuitive system that improves mine visibility, workflow and most importantly safety. Firefly's +48VDC multi-coloured addressable LED assembly can provide red, green, amber, blue or white tunnel illumination as required. It is also designed to provide emergency or evacuation lighting levels for underground workers. The Firefly modules are safe, reliable and wholly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Firefly's key features: 

  • Firefly has waterproof bulkhead quick disconnect connectors on either side of its housing. This allows for the direct connection of a DC-powered control cable and subsequent interconnection or 'daisy chaining' of multiple lights to cover the required work areas.
  • Firefly has 18 high-powered LEDs mounted on its PCB. There are two banks of red LEDs, two banks of green, one bank of amber and one of blue. These high quality and high-power lights are ideal for several applications in the tunnel.
  • Multi-modal system across both colour and function, including strobing and train patterns.
  • The LEDs in Firefly provide a wide viewing angle of between 110-135 while still achieving a high level of power efficiency. This achieves maximum exposure and visibility to workers. At 20m spacing between Firefly modules, a lux level of >70 Lux can be achieved inside a 5m x 5m mining tunnel.
  • Firefly modules are powered by a 6-60VDC voltage and controlled via an RS485 communications bus, both of which are supplied via a single four-core instrument cable from the Firefly UPS control panel. This means the high intensity Firefly lights can be easily placed at 20m junctions along the tunnel.


Connected and controlled via the web

The Firefly system is controlled through a web application. It allows the user to select the colours and modes that either a single Firefly light or a string of lights will operate in.

There are four modes of operation that can be selected, using each colour:

  • All on (solid colour)
  • Strobing
  • Forwards train
  • Backwards train


Reliability and safety features

Firefly is a durable system that won't fail on the job. Each module has an inbuilt 1.5Ah +3.7VDC lithium polymer (LiPo) rechargeable battery which provides an ever-ready run time of three hours. Should the cable connecting a Firefly light and its UPS control panel ever become damaged or severed, this is an essential failsafe. As the internal battery level reduces, the Firefly light's intensity is slowly reduced so that it can achieve a longer run time. The Firefly internal battery is an additional power backup system to the already existing 6-hour battery backup provided by the Firefly UPS control panel.

Each Firefly light is fitted with an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.0) wireless radio to provide a redundant wireless communications path in the event of any control cable damage. This feature also allows each Firefly unit to track and position a Wi-Fi or BLE tag to an accuracy of 20m. Additionally, Firefly lights can wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth devices such as seismic and ground support instruments.