About IoT Automation Smart Lighting

Software controlled smart lighting that enables safer evacuations and emergency responses in underground mines

The Firefly Smart Lighting system is networked to a central control server that centrally coordinates the Firefly UPS control panels located underground. These Firefly UPS Control Panels manage the lights by providing battery-backed power and communications to the Firefly LED Lighting Modules. The Firefly UPS Control Panels can operate as a standalone lighting cell or they can be connected to the central control server to form a site-wide smart lighting network.

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Firefly Lighting Technical Specification

Firefly Lighting Technical Specifications:

  • Each FireFly LED Light is connected to the next via a 4 core control cable
  • Pre terminated armoured control cables utilise IP65 quick disconnect connectors
  • Auto discovery and auto numbering of FireFly devices enables easy system extensions or replacements

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